June 05, 2020


The Dangers of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Although the negative effects of alcohol & drug rehabilitation are well known, there is still a considerable amount of misunderstanding on this subject. What is true is that there are many patients suffering from serious health problems and addiction-related issues because of alcohol & drug abuse. Sometimes the patient's mental health is also affected, which will complicate the treatment in a big way.

The medical professionals involved in these treatment programs have to be very careful in making these assessments as these treatments can affect the entire patient's system in a positive way. The dangers of over-reliance on drugs & alcohol are obvious. So before taking a decision, a thorough assessment should be done by a qualified medical professional to check if the individual has any underlying diseases or other medical conditions that may result in him suffering from the side effects of drugs & alcohol abuse.

It is very important for the patients to understand what they have to expect in the rehab centers & rehabilitation centers that they choose to stay in. And this has to be conveyed to the patient in a manner that he understands the seriousness of his situation. In fact, the most important thing about these facilities is to make sure that all the patients in the respective rehab centers are fully aware of the dangers of alcoholism & drug abuse.

One of the main dangers of drugs & alcohol is the fact that it can permanently damage the liver and other internal organs in a very large way. It has been well documented that alcohol abuse can result in cirrhosis, which can cause a permanent organ failure. It is always a good idea to look for a medical practitioner who is experienced in dealing with the symptoms & complications caused by alcohol and drug abuse.

Another danger is the fact that a person who has stopped drinking & using drugs would go through a detoxification process, which is not easy for the body. Also the body starts using alcohol in higher quantities as it would be free from withdrawal symptoms. This can result in serious complications that may become severe, so the patient has to be medically monitored during this period.

People who have suffered from a long period of alcoholism or drug dependence will also require detoxification process during the course of treatment. At times the detoxification process may take a lot of time, so that the patient has to have patience. The feeling of being intoxicated should be avoided in the early stages of the detoxification process.read more at Silver Linings Recovery Center

The patients in the drug rehab centers should be monitored for the fact that they remain calm and relaxed throughout the duration of the process. The sessions in a rehab center is normally well structured with a controlled environment and are designed so that the patient gets a proper understanding of the problem that he is suffering from. Some of the common symptoms that indicate addiction to alcohol & drugs include:

Disassociation: This can be the initial symptom of alcohol & drug abuse. However, in extreme cases the patient can have complete disassociation which will help them connect to their subconscious mind. Hence the conscious mind of the patient is not affected by the abuse, and the person is able to handle the environment without much interference.

Hyperthermia: This is caused by uncontrolled urges to get high. Alcohol and drugs also cause a person to feel very hot and may even result in burns. Also people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs usually end up with medical problems such as kidney infections in the lungs due to the build up of toxins in the body.

Different types of withdrawal symptoms and signs are also commonly seen. These symptoms are very obvious to people who have spent time in the treatment centers and know how addictive alcohol & drugs can be.

Drug and alcohol abuse not only adversely affects the person who has an addiction to alcohol & drugs but also impacts the entire family and friends. It is very important to keep in mind that the person who has been abused by alcohol & drugs will always remain vulnerable to a relapse.

The problems that a person experiences in the alcohol & drug rehab centers are of great concern as the patients will have to undergo extensive counseling and psychological treatment. in order to help them fight against alcohol and drug abuse.

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